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"Neturei Karta oppose the so-called "State of Israel" not because it operates secularly, but because the entire concept of a sovereign Jewish state is contrary to Jewish Law."





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The Illuminati have nearly completed their agenda and this is the Final Warning: The History of the New World Order by David Allen Rivera

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WTC 1, the North Tower, was hit directly by what appeared to be a large commercial passenger jet, ostensibly by American Airlines Flight 11. After burning for a short time, black smoke continued to pour from the WTC 1 until it collapsed.

The explanation for the collapse was a jet fuel fire that burned hot enough (875ºC.), long enough to weaken the steel in the structure (2,000ºC). Calculations of the heat value of jet fuel must include the absorption of that heat by nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the air, by unburned carbon particles, by concrete and steel in the building. These taken together show that there is too little caloric energy in jet fuel and even the contents of the offices to increase the heat sufficiently to compromise the integrity of the steel components.  This is what is would take to allow for the first collapse of a steel structure from fire in the history of the world. Now  look at the WTC 1 after the initial fire died down. Does that look like an inferno? I see perhaps three scattered fires, a bit of black smoke, no towering inferno.

Now let's look at a close-up of damage to the WTC 1. It might be hot enough for a weenie roast, but not a towering inferno capable of weakening the integrity of the steel structure. Do you see the man near the right edge looking out between the pillars? On the next floor down on the left, do you see the woman leaning out for a look? Do you think they just walked through a blazing inferno to get there?

A close-up of these survivors of the crash becomes a bit poignant. They probably didn't survive to tell about their experience, though. If it hadn't been for the surprise demolition that was to occur a few minutes later they could have had a marshmallow roast and waited for the imminent rescue. One of these two has been tentatively identified as Edna Cintron, an administrative assistant for Marsh & McLennan  Edna Cintron was born on October 14, 1954. She was 46 years old.  Born in Puerto Rico, She was brought to New York by her mother when she was about five. They were poor. She made it through the 11th grade, but did not graduate from high school. (Recently, she was going to school to prepare herself for a GED, a test that is the equivalent of a high school diploma and is crucial to career advancement.)

William worked as a doorman in an apartment building on the swanky Upper East Side, five days a week, from 7am to 3pm. Then, each work day after three, he drove to the Harlem flower shop they jointly owned, Sweet William's Florist, where he labored until 8pm. He was at the florist's on Saturdays, and Edna joined him there often on Sundays.

For Edna Cintron and her husband, William, every evening fit into a comforting routine. "She had everything prompt, clean, neat, organized," Mr. Cintron, a 44-year- old doorman, said of his 46-year-old wife, an administrative assistant for Marsh & McLennan. "She would come out of work, come home, cook, make sure that when I would come out of work there was food on the table and everything. And every night we would have ice cream and we would watch TV."

That simple routine in their home in East Elmhurst, Queens, was remarkable, Mr. Cintron said, because they each had been homeless, and in their 12 years of marriage they had struggled with his alcoholism. "We started from the bottom," he said, "and we worked our way all the way up to the top," even opening a florist business, Sweet William's, in East Harlem.

Mr. Cintron said that his wife had given him the courage to go to detox and that last January he celebrated 12 years of sobriety. "She made sure that she kept me in check," he said. "She made sure that I did the things I was supposed to do. She was a very, very strong woman because she would put her foot down.

"She was more like a mother to me. She would make sure that I would eat right and she would make sure that no one would manipulate me. So she was also my backbone. She made me strong. She made me who I am today."

Edna Cintron had one more courageous act to her credit in her abbreviated life. She ventured out to take a look at the world moments before it came crushing down and in that act demonstrated for all of us the lie that the WTC's collapsed because of a blazing inferno.

Edna Cintron was not alone as a courageous victim of the mass murder that day in the heart of the financial district. When Chief Palmer radioed from the 78th floor, he could see only two pockets of fire, and called for a pair of engine companies to fight them. the impact zone, which ran from the 78th to the 84th floors. source: Lost Voices of Firefighters, Some on 78th Floor New York Times, August 4, 2002 By JIM DWYER and FORD FESSENDEN  

One of the first firefighters in the stricken second tower, Louie Cacchioli, 51, told People Weekly on Sept. 24: "I was taking firefighters up in the elevator to the 24th floor to get in position to evacuate workers. On the last trip up a bomb went off. We think there were bombs set in the building."  

NYC fireman in clip: "As if they had detonated... if they were planning to take out a building" source: Videos of Eyewitness Recollections of Collapses Firemen recall "detonations" in South Tower  

In fact, the NYFD had no problem at all fighting the WTC fires. NYFD Channel 30 Audiotape (3.6mb wma file) Note: Several portions of the tape have been classified. This portion lasts from 8:45 AM to 9:58 AM Eastern Time.

The NYFD audiotape reveals that the fires were under control, not raging infernos that could melt steel. The tape alone proves that the official story of the WTC collapse is a complete and total lie. And, the real reason why the rest of the tape has been classified is because it reveals the obvious truth.

The New York Times --" Nowhere on tape is there any indication that firefighters had slightest indication that Tower had become unstable or could fall." --" Fire department tape reveals no awareness of imminent doom." Why is it that Fire Department experts, on their walkie-talkies, stated that they got high up in one of the buildings; that the fire they saw was not that bad; and that other firemen should bring up hoses because the fire could easily be brought under control. Yet, shortly after making such a report, the buildings got pulverized and collapsed all the way down.

Stanley Praimnath of Elmont, Long Island. Stanley was standing at his desk on the 81st floor of WTC 2 when he saw the second plane coming apparently directly for his window. He dived under the desk. It hit somewhere above him, but a flaming wing of the plane landed in the doorway of his department. He was buried in debris, and there was no exit. He prayed, found extraordinary physical strength, broke through a wall with the help of a man with a flashlight, and made it out of the building 9-11 reinforces beliefs

NYPD returned a packet of family photographs to Yvonne Barker. Found in her office desk on the 86th floor, they were unsinged and without a mark. Find at WTC Brings Joyous Surprise

Brian Clark, a survivor from the 84th floor of WTC 2 said, "You could see through the wall and the cracks and see flames just, just licking up, not a roaring inferno, just quiet flames licking up and smoke sort of eking through the wall." [BBC Horizon]

Remember those "heated and deformed bolts," which we're to believe gave way, almost simultaneously? In chapter two of the FEMA report, it is revealed that the bolts of the "weakened" floor beams were lateral (sideways) supports; not vertical. The vertical support plates (L-shamed "hanger brackets") for the floor joists were welded!

By inference, we are to believe that the 'corner' bolts (heavier insulation with greater adhesion) ALL lost their thermal insulation, that no heat was radiated away by the steel-on-steel contact and that no significant volume of heat was ventilated out through the shattered windows - along with all that smoke. The "manufactured presumption" is that the heat totally accumulated to produce the cited temperatures - not from burning jet fuel, per FEMA - but from burning furniture, interior finish materials and paper! With all that 'contained' heat, the cooler outer steel walls are supposed to have heated and expanded sideways - independently of the heated and expanded steel floor joists! - That's not how fire physics operate.

How Could The Explosives Have Been Placed Beforehand?

Mr. Sheeple has insisted that it would be impossible to rig a building before 9-11 without being noticed. Ben Fountain, a financial analyst who worked in the World Trade Center Complex, told People Magazine that in the weeks before 9/11 there were numerous unannounced and unusual drills where sections of both the twin towers and building 7 were evacuated for ‘security reasons’. This was obviously the perfect opportunity to place those explosives.

Larry Silverstein, the lease holder of the WTC7 building admits it was intentionally demolished.

"I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse"

In the PBS documentary, "Rebuilding America, A Year at Ground Zero," originally aired in Sept. of 2002  a cleanup worker referred to the demolition of WTC 6; "...well, we're getting ready to "pull" building six." There can be little doubt as to how the word "pull" is being used in this context.   Click here to listen to the clip

Do you wonder why they had explosives in place coincidentally on 9-11?

When the Towers were wired with additional explosives, more than required by the building code? On the weekend of September 8th/9th, there was a "power down" condition in Tower 2, because of a supposedly needed "cabling upgrade." This is when Tower 2's explosives were placed. Read the full article here:
The Towers' concrete was MID-AIR!--Impossible!

Rubble falling through the Towers encountered no more resistance than air!--Impossible

© 2004, Allen Aslan Heart / White Eagle Soaring of the Little Shell Pembina Band, a Treaty Tribe of the Ojibwe Nation.

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