An Undocumented Explosion

Either there is some current explosive force accounting for the ejaculative cloud form on the right (which is undocumented), or the cloud must have been photoshopped into place.

Either way is interesting:

Cloud B has projective elements facing away from the prevailing wind.
The clean edge at the top of the cloud indicates either this this event is so sudden and violent that no dissipation of the cloud form has begun, or it is an imaginary addition.

Assuming for a moment that it is indeed an authentic record of the event, the color of cloud B happens to be the tannish/whitish/gray that is associated with thermobaric weaponry. The cloud part selected in the rectangle is shown exploding outward horizontally with great violence..

This is a closeup of the areas in question.
Cloud A is wispy, and moving with the wind. It has transparency, and diminishes at the edges.
Cloud B is heavy, and moving opposite the wind. It's edges are smooth, ending abruptly. Cloud B is the wrong color and the wrong shape to be created by a fire. It's an explosion shape cloud, familiar now from pictures of intentional demolitions and the wtc.

Notice the tremendous difference in the clouds with the Gamma reset.

If the picture was taken after the collapse, long enough after the collapse for the firemen to move away from the scene, and there are still violent explosions happening, it has been suppressed that there were ongoing explosions.
The firemen continued working all through the collapse. The collapse collapsed, there was no propulsive, explosive thrust to it, like there is in cloud B.

The photo might show that the debris, or some of it, was preplanted and sitting there all along, looking like construction debris, with an imaginary cloud added from some other picture for obscurance purposes.

On the other hand, this explosion has a shape reminicent of the side-explosion from the first hit video



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