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The 8 Red Swastikas

"The idea for the use of the swastika by the Nazis came from a dentist named Dr. Friedrich Krohn, who was a member of the secret Germanen Order [a Masonic sect, a.k.a the Thule Society]. Krohn produced the design for the actual form in which the Nazis came to use the symbol, that is reversed....According to Cabalistic lore and occult theory, chaotic force can be evoked by reversing the symbol..."

Bernard Schreiber, The Men Behind Hitler

On July 16, 1996, Nazi swastikas desecrated the Special Forces barracks at Fort Bragg, N.C. 8 doors were painted with red swastikas the day before Flight 800 explodes near Long Island.

Now why would some neo-Nazi vandal paint 8 red swastikas when he could leave the same message with one? Coupled with events that would transpire the following day, and assuming the culprit was stationed in Fort Bragg; we know it's a signal-- a thinly veiled allusion to Flight 800's downing the next day. A shot in the dark? Read on....

There are two types of subversive warfare employed by the media today: "white propaganda", which is based on facts but distorted to favor those disseminating it; and "black propaganda", which depends on lies and deceit. A review of the coverage of the downing of Flight 800 demonstrates convincingly that the latter has been employed, and reason dictates that President Clinton is the man most responsible for suppressing the truth in this matter thanks to a most disturbing Executive Order.

Soon after the radar images of the TWA 800 were being published in Paris Match, Clinton signed the Executive Order #13039 which excluded the Naval Special Warfare Development Group from the federal whistle-blower protection program. This is critical, because the said group was the first at the scene of the explosion.

The Federal Labor-Management Relations Program provides an avenue for workers to complain of inappropriate treatment and to report wrongdoing without fear of reprisal. In essence, this Executive Order gagged the Naval Special Warfare Development Group from these protections and has enabled the present cover-up above anything else. If the downing was indeed friendly-fire, it may be pardoned, but the deliberate concealment of the same for political or personal motives is a far more damning trespass against the trust and intelligence of the American people.

International DeMolay Week

Interestingly, on March 12, 1997, the same day Clinton signed the naval gag order, the Executive Order for the Exclusion of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group; he also sent a letter to the International Supreme Council Order of DeMolay in celebration of International DeMolay Week (DeMolay was executed in March, 1313). This is the same Jacques DeMolay whom the Klan and neo-Nazis believe was the previous incarnation of the Satanist Albert Pike; the Tennessee Ku Klux Klan Chief Judicial Officer presently enshrined in the Scottish Rite's temple headquarters in Washington D.C.

Now remember the 8 red swastikas painted in the barrack doors at Fort Bragg, N.C., the day before the downing. Then consider the "bible" of the Klan and neo-Nazis, Aleister Crowley's "The Book of the Law." In Chapter II, Item 15, Crowley writes "For I am perfect, being Not; and my number is nine by the fools; but with the justI am eight, and one in eight: Which is vital, for I am none indeed..." The Nazis found the book so influential that when Crowley read "Hitler Speaks"; he quipped that Hitler sounded like he was quoting from the "Book of the Law."

Assuming the downing of Flight 800 was an act of domestic terrorism, and knowing the neo-Nazi/Klan's penchant for symbolism and Druid sorcery; what kind of statement would the choice of airports make? (The neo-Nazis and KKK work side by side as both groups share a common root in freemasonry-- the Nazis through the Thule Society, and the KKK through the secret society of the Scottish Rite.)

Again, the doomed flight was from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to Charles DeGaulle International Airport in Paris. From a purely symbolic perspective, this may reveal something:

DeGaulle's birthday is on November 22.
John F. Kennedy was murdered on the same day, November 22, in 1963.

November is the 11th month, the 22nd day marks the date of one birth (DeGaulle) and one death (Kennedy). That is, it's a masonic allusion to death and rebirth.

11+22= 33
There are 33 Degrees in the Scottish Rite.

July is the 7th month, and the red swastikas were painted on the barrack doors in neo-Nazi/Druid fashion on the 16th day-- as a portent of great evil.

7+16= 23
There are 23 Supreme Councils of the World

Remember these two numbers-- 33 and 23.

In World War II, both Kennedy and DeGaulle were war heroes, and both fought the Axis Powers, which to mystics was the army of the Anti-Christ: Kennedy in the Pacific and DeGaulle in France.

Both Kennedy and DeGaulle were Catholics.

President Kennedy was particularly despised by the Klan and masonic segregationists in the Scottish Rite. He was our first and only Catholic president, and due to an 800 year dispute between the freemasons and Catholicism, Kennedy was dismissed by the nation's freemasons as a "Pope in the White House" for his enlightened stand on civil rights.

The recent, devastating riots in Ireland over the Orangemen's marches through Catholic enclaves is a case in point in regards to the ongoing feud between the Catholics and the freemasons. (July 8-12, 1997, 1998)

In the Civil War, it was the freemasons who most fiercely opposed freeing the slaves in both the North and the South. In the Lincoln, Kennedy and King assassinations; only 8 people allegedly knew all the conspirators. The Army intelligence team in Memphis that was tracking King consisted of 8 men from the Special Forces, or Green Berets. These reported to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason, on the day of King's murder. (Los Angeles Times, January 5, 1997 pg.A14)

The study of motive is an intangible realm, and that's what this is. Even the contention that the downing of Flight 800 is an accidental navy downing is tacitly undermined by the numerous "coincidences" suggesting sabotage and premeditation...starting with 8 red swastikas painted at Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne barracks the day before the downing, and ending with 8 dead soldiers at Fort Bragg on July 8, 1997; involving the same 82nd Airborne.

The Druid high priest or the wary can recognize the following calling cards:

The magic of the Druids, from runes to ritual human sacrifice, is the magic of the Nazis.

The swastika represents Adolf Hitler, an Antichrist that revived the ancient practice of Druid devil worship and ritual sacrifice. The red paint represents the blood Druid priests used to paint the pentagram on the doors of households who refused to surrender their kin or staff for sacrificial holiday rituals in tribute to the Lord of the Dead, Samhain.

The Druids practiced human sacrifice 8 times a year known as Major and Minor Sabbaths.

The blood itself was drawn from the corpse of a murdered victim pulled through the countryside with a cabletow. A more obvious allusion to this Druid holiday is Halloween, then known as Samhain, which the holiest of all the Druid holidays. The mass human sacrifices would take place between October 29-31, and involved burning victims alive in 25 ft. "Wicker Men" and/or wicker cages; this in tribute to Samhain and the demon god of fire, Kernos. At midnight, on October 31st., the Celtic New Year would begin. So this held great significance to the Celts, and especially their priests, the Druids. A major problem would arise once the departed spirits had been summoned, though-- nothing could guarantee that the demonic spirits could be controlled. To achieve this end, the Druid priests had devised costumes, which had demonic faces painted onto masks to control the spirits. This is the origin of the Halloween costumes which are used today.

The Swastika in England

British Druids at Stonehenge.  Note the swastika on the priest. 

The Secret Docrtine

Occultist Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, 19th century Russian founder of the Theosophical Society. In 1888, Blavatsky published "The Secret Doctrine," which purported to show how the universe had passed through seven cycles; each cycle associated with seven races. She identified the present time as the fourth cycle. This period was to be dominated by the fifth root race, a race of supermen she called the Aryans. Blavatsky claimed that of all the mystical symbols revealed to her the most powerful was the sign of the Aryan, the swastika. This was to become the emblem of her Theosophical Society.

The Thule emblem was named after the mythical Nordic homeland of the Aryan race-- its masonic lodge in Munich the birthplace of Nazi Party on Jan 19, 1919. The idea for German Workers Party was suggested by a  Thule locksmith, Anton Drexler.  The Thule's curved swastika was also the emblem of the SS Nordland tank division.
During World War 1, the swastika was used on the emblems of the British National War Savings Committee.