The Whatzit Site is my work from Spring and Summer
Bunkum Artists portray this as my work overall, lest folks discover the cold blooded lies.

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The Second Crash was tremendously p
eculiar as well.

The first attack on a WTC building was accomplished by some form of advanced weaponry we aren't supposed to know about.

The thumbnails below correspond to the middle image of each page.

Notice this object divebombing the building. It is not a plane. For a refresher on what a plane aimed at a building looks like click here
Notice there is no explosion at the point where it appears to hit the building

The stealthed object we will call a Whatzit travels across the face of the building. Notice there is no plane visable in any frame, just a cloud of smoke with a cigar shaped shadow, and "dust pimples."

See object with "find edges" manipulated in photoshop

These are 26 pages of images from

From appearance of the object in the film to impact takes 6 pages.
Compare how fast the smoke spreads to how fast the Anomality is moving.
These images were extracted with Quicktime Pro at 30 frames per second.
Each image on these pages clicks to it's full size uncropped image.

(full size frames removed by request of Gamma Press)

NO Hijacked Jet hit the Pentagon Either

Read Dave Bosankoe's "To all living under the shadow of 911 and the "War on Terror"

Whatzit Home Page
Attack of the Whatzit 2
Whatzit Lurking in the Smoke
Second Attack PsychoDrama
Second Explosion with Whatzits
Just Plane Strange
Different Footage, Same Whatzit
Three Views of second explosion
Whatzit "blinks out?"

Missile Attack?

European footage shows independent ground level explosions
Unearthly Glow

Unearthly Glow at the Pentagon Too!
The Whatzit's Dress Rehearsal
We are supposed to believe stuff just happens
So, What's a Whatzit?

These show the Whatzit flying to a rondevous with the second crash Jet. They have been dismissed as "birds in the middle distance" but other videos put the whatzit on the scene at that crucial moment.

Japanese Video Short Form
Japanese Video Long Form